PO BOX 222 Halifax, NC 27839

As of 11/1/2021, Roanoke Electric/Broadband Operations (the source for the Town WIFI) advised the hardware installation was almost complete to start the pilot program for the Town.

The Town of Halifax, North Carolina, is seeking solutions for deploying free-to-the-public, outdoor WIFI to cover its primary downtown area as well as the Halifax State Historic Site.

What better way to celebrate our Nation's history than at the Town of Halifax Annual Fourth of July Celebration.

On April 12, 1776, NC the Fourth Provincial Congress met in Halifax, NC and 83 delegates from across North Carolina unanimously declared that they would partner with any other colonies to declare Independence from Great Britian. The adopted and signed the Halifax Resolves, earning the grand title "First in Freedom"

Each year the Halifax Historic Site celebrates on this day with reenactments, tours and various other celebrations.

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