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Greetings From the Town Board of Halifax, NC

We hope this letter finds you well, and that everyone has had a great start to 2024. This year will be an important one for our Town, County, State, and Nation. As some of you may know, the official North Carolina State kickoff for events commemorating the upcoming 250th Anniversary of American Independence is going to be in Halifax this April. There are numerous events planned over the next three years, leading up to the 250th Anniversary in 2026.

This year, our annual Halifax Day celebration will encompass several events of interest over the weekend of April 12-14, including historic exhibits, reenactments, a FREE concert on the grounds of the Historic Courthouse, a patriotic laser light show, and more. We hope all citizens of our Town and many visitors will be present to take in the festivities. ALL ARE INVITED! Halifax was selected as NC's official State kickoff due to the critical role events in this Town played in the American Revolution and the early organization of the State of NC. As many are aware, while Halifax was never an official capital of the Province or State, the Provincial Legislature met here on several occasions in the late 1700's.

Most are aware that the Halifax Resolves was written and approved here on April 12, 1776. This was the first official action taken by any Province (soon to be State) to authorize the Continental Congress in Philadelphia to vote for independence in July of 1776. Additionally, many may not realize that the Constitution of the State of NC was written and ratified in Halifax. These events, along with many others, highlight the very important, if somewhat underappreciated, history of our wonderful Town.

That history does not end with the American Revolution. Our history also includes things such as our importance as a river port, and later, as a major stop on the Underground Railroad. Today, the Town, while small, continues to gain attention as the Halifax County seat and for our efforts towards downtown revitalization with several interesting new businesses. Halifax truly continues to make "new" history!

In addition to our events surrounding Halifax Day and the 250th Anniversary, several other major events are planned for 2024 and beyond. Along with this letter is a tentative schedule of 2024 Town events, as some events are not yet finalized, and others may be added.

Of course, our largest celebration each year is our 4th of July Fireworks display! The Town of Halifax, along with our partner Halifax Fire & Rescue, are justifiably proud of the support the community has shown over the years for this annual celebration. It is our hope that the Halifax fireworks show will continue to flourish for many years to come, as it is one of the most anticipated events of the year in Halifax County. With your support, we can continue to make this the best holiday event in the area!

Our Board wishes to emphasize that these events are open to all and we hope our citizens and area businesses will participate. As you can imagine, the events are a major undertaking for a Town like Halifax. While it is true the State has underwritten a portion of the cost for the 250th kickoff event, the Town must fund some of the cost. To that end, we actively solicit any fundraising sources that may be available, including private donations. For businesses, there will be sponsorship opportunities available. For businesses and individuals, we will provide a record of your donations, which you may use for tax purposes (please consult your tax preparer or consultant).

Thank you for your consideration with this letter. We hope all will participate and enjoy the planned events over the next few years in Halifax!

On behalf of the Halifax Town Board, we hope you have a great 2024 and we look forward to seeing you in Halifax!

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