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Policies, Ordinances, & Resolutions

1Animal Ordinance (2020)Download
2Cemetary Ordinance (2022)Download
3Collection System Operation and Maintenance Plan (2023)Download
4County of Halifax Release From Conditions of Reversion 2017Download
26Meter Tampering OrdinanceDownload
5Ordinance Amending Town Code and Town Zoning Ordinance 2014Download
6Ordinance Dogs Running Loose 1995Download
7Ordinance Fats, Oils and Grease Control 2022Download
8Ordinance Mandatory Building Numbers 2023Download
9Ordinance Noise Control 2000Download
10Ordinance Nuisance 2000Download
11Ordinance Overnight Parking 1992Download
12Ordinance Prohibiting Off Road Parking on Shoulder of US HWY 301 1993Download
13Ordinance Use of Golf Carts 2018Download
14Ordinance Virginia Electric and Power Company 1987Download
25Proclamation: Barbara Jean DanielsDownload
15Resolution Adopting Halifax - Northampton Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan 2021Download
16Resolution Approval of Local Water Supply Plan 2022Download
17Resolution Establishing Home Program 2021Download
18Resolution In Honor of Jane (Primrose) Bass 2021Download